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Privacy Policy Disclaimer Westminster

Top Cleaners Westminster is the company behind this website and is also the one managing it. Your privacy when using the internet is vital to us. One of our main objectives is to offer all our clients and potential clients a safe and secure online experience.

Please know that our website is operating on a secure data network therefore it is highly protected with a strong password system and firewalls. We figured that this is the best way to ensure all our website visitors are safe when viewing and scanning our website, especially that in some cases such as booking a service, we collect important details that we know shouldn’t be disclosed to the public.

All information that is disclosed to us by our clients and potential clients voluntarily will be used by the company to develop our system and improve our client’s experience – and for those two main usages only.

We guarantee that we will not disclose any vital information to any third parties, unless it will be suitable for a legal procedure or to further protect our clients’ and users’ safety.

All the images present on our website are for educational use only, no more, no less than that. The act of using such images as well as information from this site will be at your own risk. We ensure that everything we provide on our website is reliable.

Nonetheless, we cannot guarantee that our website works flawlessly at all times or that it is fully protected from computer viruses and malware.

Top Cleaners Westminster won’t be legally responsible for any damage you may incur by using the information present on this website whether direct or indirect, special usages or whether substantial or incidental, even if it was suggested to a similar problem.

If you have any more concerns or you want to find out more about our cleaning prices, feel free to drop us a call on 020 3909 7649. We’d be glad to hear from you and assist you in any way we can.