Your property may be a difficult thing to manage. With the time that we spend working to spending time with our families, it could be very hard trying to fit in regular house cleaning into your schedule. For this reason, lots of people decide to book specialist Cleaning Services Westminster. If you are considering using a business, you must familiarize yourself with one off and regular cleaning.

Regular cleaning Vs one off cleaning:

Regular cleaning services are basically ongoing services that can be either on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on your personal wants and needs. One off cleaning are only for those that need these types of services on a one off basis.

What’s involved in one off cleaning services:

1. De-clutter your house

2. Vacuum throughout your house

3. Clean your wooden floors

4. Wash the kitchen thoroughly

5. Clean the laundry sink

6. Wash the ceilings and walls of rooms

7. Clean the oven

8. Dust the windows and sills

9. Get rid of cobwebs around the home

10. Clean light fixtures

11. Clean the microwave both inside and out.

12. Sweep the entry of the home

13. Clean the bathroom, sinks, tub, and toilet.

14. Clean the windows thoroughly.

Regular Cleaning Services:

1. Vacuuming and washing floors

2. Dusting fixtures, furniture, and several other surfaces

3. Wipe windows and polish window glass

4. Wipe down the kitchen devices

5. Filling up and emptying the dish washer

6. Changing and making beds

7. Ironing and washing clothes

8. Cleaning all bathrooms

9. Taking out the trash

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